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Transform with Human Assets

Our Mission

It is our mission to make a significant difference in the lives of our customers, employees, leaders, and other stakeholders by becoming an awareness agent. We will do this by engaging one person at a time.

our purpose

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Human Assets is an organization focused on improving the resiliency of human capital by deploying creative tools and processes in diagnosing disengagement, burnout, moral injury, and organizational dysfunction.

our process


Reduce Turnover

Human Assets, LLC.  teaches you how to avoid burnout

Enhance Engagement

Learn new methods and gain tools to enhance engagement


Heal Burnout and Moral Injury

Individual and group coaching to learn how to implement all the tools you've learned

Engagement Coaching
and Training

Through individual and group assessment and coaching we provide the tools for professionals to increase engagement.

Goal Generation and Coping Skills Training

We teach you how to develop coping skills, create personal goals and improve your outlook with goal generation.

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Interventional Services
and Tools

Human Assets will teach you how to utilize interventional services to improve performance, outlook and confidence.


Engageme: Will Leaders Listen?

EngageME: Will Leaders Listen? is a revealing and powerful journey of discovery. Dr. Vizzuso shares twenty years of experiences, ideas, and lessons, which have the power to transform employees and organizations to build strong employee-leader relationships. It identifies organizational heroes, unethical leadership, and wayward friends to functionally explain employee engagement and the strategies necessary to succeed.

Engage Me book cover
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