We Help You Stay Independent

We Help You Stay Independent

Welcome to Human Assets, where our unwavering commitment revolves around revolutionizing the landscape of healthcare.

Our Purpose
is Crystal Clear

To fortify the pillars of quality, culture, and independence within the healthcare field.

We’ve crafted a comprehensive arsenal of services strategically designed to help you thrive and grow.

Fractional Operations Management

  • Access to high-level expertise
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Cost savings without sacrificing quality
  • Strategic outcome-driven process

Business Development

  • Market assessments
  • High caliber expertise
  • Growth planning
  • Hiring and training sales teams

Team Building & Engagement

  • Innovative staff retention methods
  • 24/7 access to expert coaches
  • Customized to fit your needs
  • On-site and/or remote coaching

“Human Assets has helped our leadership team grow stronger and more cohesive since they took over management of the staff. John really listens to us and wants to hear the feedback we provide. As a new leader Human Assets helped me learn to communicate as a leader and not just a technologist.”

-Bobbi, Clinical Manager

Who We Are

We are Human Assets, a group of passionate, experienced healthcare professionals here to share our expertise with practices, clinics, and hospitals who want to grow, and thrive.

Reduce Turnover
Human Assets, LLC. teaches you how to avoid burnout

Enhance Engagement
Learn new methods and gain tools to enhance engagement

Heal Burnout and
Moral Injury

Individual and group coaching to learn how to implement all the tools you’ve learned

Our mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of our customers, employees, leaders, and other stakeholders by becoming an awareness agent. We will do this by engaging one person at a time.

Inspiring Change, Building Resilience

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Meet the Experts

With over 50 years of experience consulting and coaching, our team is there for you when and where you need us. We understand that each practice we serve has individual needs, there is no cookie cutter method for success. This is why member of the Human Assets team is an expert in their area of expertise and works with you to create a tailored plan specific to your practice. Our ultimate goal is to help your practice stay independent.

Our Pillars


Our dedication to quality means partnering with you to create unique streamlined and more effective processes. With a focus on outcome-driven metrics and patient satisfaction, we strive to set the gold standard in excellence. We prioritize evidence-based practices and continuous improvement to ensure every patient receives the highest standard of care.


We understand that independence is of paramount importance to you, and we are here to help you find unique and innovative ways to remain independent. Operating autonomously allows you to make patient-centric decisions and to have the ability to adapt swiftly to the unique needs of your community. Our model helps give you the freedom to adapt quickly,
to grow, and sustain independence.

Human Assets is an Ohio based fractional leadership and services company created specifically to meet the unique needs of practices, clinics, and hospitals.

The company was created by John Vizzuso, PhD to help elevate the standard of patient care by providing expert services at a fraction of the cost to help maintain quality, sustainability, and to facilitate growth. We are here to help you grow and thrive.


At Human Assets we believe culture as a core value is paramount. A strong cultural foundation promotes consistent high standards of accuracy, patient safety, efficient communication, and increases the retention rate of both doctors and staff.