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CEO of Human Assets

Dr. Vizzuso has spent the last 32 years working in healthcare. He received his master’s degree in healthcare care management from California Coast University and a doctorate in business administration from Walden University.

Beginning his career as a radiology technologist he understands the distinctive needs of a radiology practice. Dr. Vizzuso served in numerous executive roles with healthcare systems and physician groups before creating Radiology Matters. He has extensive experience in operations management, assessment and planning, revenue cycle, building and coaching teams and working with radiologists to ensure their unique needs are met to reduce burnout and turnover.

A passion for helping people is what led Dr. Vizzuso to the field of healthcare. He finds personal fulfillment in overseeing operations that make a difference for patients. Blending his expertise in coaching and guiding people with his knowledge of business management helps his clients achieve improved financial health so they can continue to thrive as independent practices. He says, “My career has been filled with working with wonderful people who have made significant differences for people in need.”.

When he is not working Dr. Vizzuso enjoys watching college and professional football, building lego models, and listening to audiobooks.

“Dr. Vizzuso’s comprehensive experience along with his ability to immediately engage and secure his audience, allows him to be a credible influencer of change which sponsors team growth and improvement.”   


- Scott Reid

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