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We invite you to read these testimonials and envision what Human Assets can do for you or your team. Your journey towards improved commitment, engagement, and performance starts here.

“Our practice was in a dire situation when we hired John and Human Assets. John and his team have been a breath of fresh air for us. John is an excellent leader, he coaches and guides staff to help them reach their full potential. He took a team that was struggling and in one year turned us into a strong and productive leadership group. I cannot think of a practice that would not benefit from the expertise and leadership of Human Assets.”

-JoAnn, Corporate Administrator

“Human Assets has helped our leadership team grow stronger and more cohesive since they took over management of the staff. John really listens to us and wants to hear the feedback we provide. As a new leader Human Assets helped me learn to communicate as a leader and not just a technologist.”

-Bobbi, Clinical Manager

“Our team was pretty fractured when Human Assets took over managing us. John helped our team become stronger individually and together. Human Assets has helped us in so many ways including, assessment and audit of our billing company, guidance on picking new equipment, improving communications between staff and radiologists and so many other positive improvements. John has been like a breath of fresh air for our company.”

-Courtney, Customer Relationship Manager


Human Assets & EngageME Coaching process is designed to change behavior while improving personal commitment. Through the coach-client relationship, the client explores inner conflicts to resolve and improve overall performance.


Human Asset's engagement services focus on the diagnosis and intervention of problems with engagement. The EngageME methodology will improve employee engagement, profitability and productivity


Human Assets seminars offer an intimate setting for personalized advice, ensuring that your unique goals and challenges are addressed with precision and care.  Our method is hands-on, we don’t just speak at you, we converse with you.

Group Coaching

The Human Assets coaching circle process creates a group coaching culture to discover inner personal perspectives among team members. The EngageME circle concept generates individualized results on performance while improving team dynamics.

Are you ready to be empowered?

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