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Burnout is at 

Low engagement decreases worker productivity and lowered profitability. Burnout and high work volume negatively affects employee engagement. One-third of the workers surveyed reported significant burnout and decreased engagement. Spurgeon and others demonstrated that decreased engagement negatively affects an organization.


Survey data provided insight into the drivers of burnout.  These drivers included shift work, 40-hour-plus workweeks, and marital status. Health care organizations can create better work environments to decrease burnout in healthcare professionals and

improve employee engagement.

Human Assets has created a strategy

that heals workplace burnout.

Engagment breakdown



Somewhat Engaged

Actively Disengaged


Signs of Burnout

  • Sense of Failure 

  • Helpless

  • Detachment

  • Loss of Motivation

  • Cynical

  • Negative Outlook

Reasons for Burnout

  • Lack of Balance

  • Stressful Environment

  • Loss of Self Worth

  • Poor Leadership

  • No Boundaries

Healing Healthcare Burnout

  • Increase Sense of Self-Worth

  • New Energy

  • Believe Again

  • New Ideas

  • Strength Rebuilt

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